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5 Best Things to do at Anastasia State Park

Lighthouse View of Anastasia State Park
Lighthouse View of Anastasia State Park

Anastasia State Park, only ONE mile from Cortez on the Water, stands as St. Augustine, FL's premier national park, situated just southeast of downtown. Recognized for its historical significance and unparalleled natural splendor, this Florida State Park spans 1,600 acres and attracts visitors from across the globe.

Nature Trails Explore Anastasia National Park's pristine beauty through its extensive network of trails. Wander through wooded areas, spotting various bird species and wildlife, or stroll along the 4 miles of stunning coastline, perfect for shell collecting or beachside relaxation. You cant rent bikes and enjoy the trails that beckon you to explore.

Water Adventures

Nestled between the Matanzas River and the Atlantic Ocean, Anastasia National Park offers an array of water sports. Dive into the Atlantic for a swim or engage in paddleboarding, sailing, surfing, kayaking, and more. With warm waters and year-round sunshine, there's no shortage of aquatic fun.

Camping on Anastasia Island

Embrace outdoor living with 139 camping sites scattered throughout Anastasia Island. Enjoy beach access and explore the island's rich ecosystem. Don't miss the historic coquina quarries, remnants of St. Augustine's past, and keep an eye out for special events like the Halloween Haunted Hay Ride or beach bonfires.

Leisure and Recreation

Anastasia Island caters to nature lovers, history buffs, and relaxation seekers alike. Whether you're interested in birdwatching, historical tours, or simply unwinding amidst pristine surroundings, you'll find activities to suit your preferences.

Historical Exploration

Uncover the rich history of Anastasia Island during your visit to the state park. Embark on guided tours or self-guided walks to discover remnants of past civilizations, including the historic coquina quarries used to construct St. Augustine's iconic buildings. Learn about the island's cultural heritage and the significant role it played in shaping the region's history. After a day of exploration, retreat to the luxury comforts of Cortez on the Water, located just ONE mile from this historical gem.

Anastasia State Park offers an array of activities that appeal to nature enthusiasts and history aficionados alike. Explore the park's wonders and make the most of your visit to St. Augustine's beloved natural treasure. And remember, Anastasia State Park is only ONE mile from Cortez on the Water, your premier nautical luxury neighborhood in St. Augustine.

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